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What is Loopie?

 Loopie is the first peer-to-peer laundry service to operate in the United States, seeking to provide innovative ways to solving one of the most neglected day to day problems: dirty laundry. Visit our fully functional mobile application ​(available for iOS and Android) o​r website (​​ and easily schedule your laundry to be picked up, washed, dried, folded and returned by our network of certified drivers and washers within 24 hours (for an additional fee, we offer same-day service). 


Our Services

By having washers in the same neighborhood as its customers, we can efficiently deliver laundry and achieve shorter turnaround times than existing methods (i.e. laundry delivery service, laundromats, or having your mom do it for you). We currently charge our customers $29.99 per standard Loopie duffel bag (10”W x 24”L x 18”H), and charge $73.99 per commercial Loopie bag (30” x 40”).  

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Loopie allows individuals who own washers and dryers to earn money from the comfort of their own home simply by washing a folding laundry. No matter if you're a stay at home parent, unemployed, someone with a physical or mental disability, or lazy, Loopie is the perfect solution because it connects people who need their laundry done with those who are looking to make a passive income from home. We pay our Certified Washers $15.00 per completed bag. 

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Why Loopie?

Worth your time. 

If you live in Seattle, you know there's such a thing as traffic, and over crowded Laundromats. Life is short and doing a single load of laundry can take as long as two hours (or longer!).


Loopie has partnered with sustainable dye and toxin free detergent pod company Dropps, for all of our default detergent options. With Loopie you can make your clothes clean while keeping the world clean, too.

Superior Service.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what a few of our early customers think:

"Amazing customer experience from scheduling, pick up & drop off! Our stuff came back actually organized- unbelievable.   Waiting for a new washer and dryer and this was beyond helpful getting my children’s stuff clean in the meantime. Awesome company!" ~Kirsten S.

"Awesome service and great customer service.  These guys made it super easy for me and catered to my tough schedule." ~Riley H.

"Many thanks to the Loopie team! Super satisfied with the service!" ~Samuel L.


BETA LAUNCH ZONES for LOOPIE Laundry Services in Seattle: 

~Laundry Delivery in Capitol Hill

~Laundry Delivery in Fremont 

~Laundry Delivery in Queen Anne 

~Laundry Delivery in Ballard 

~Laundry Delivery in the University District 

~Laundry Services in South Lake Union

~Laundry Delivery in Belltown

The following zipcodes are activated for orders for Loopie Beta: 

98101, 98102, 98103, 98104, 98105, 98106, 98107, 98108, 98109

98112, 98115,98116, 98117, 98118, 98119, 98121, 98122, 98125

98126, 98133, 98134, 98136,98144, 98146, 98154, 98164, 98174

98177, 98178, 98195, 98199

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If you're interested in having us do your laundry OR if you're interested in signing up to become a Loopie contractor send us your email and we'll let you know when we're ready to get started! :)

Introducing Loopie

Introducing Loopie, the best reason to not do your laundry. Try the App or go to to get started. Let us do your laundry, so you can do what you love. 

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