First time Loopie customers receive a free 22"x32" reusable nylon laundry bag!

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About Us

What is Loopie Laundry?

"Think Uber, or Airbnb, but for laundry." Loopie is a peer-to-peer laundry service company. Easily schedule your laundry to be picked up, washed, dried, and folded by one of our certified washers through our Mobile App or website. Or, get paid to do someone else's from the comfort of your home. 

Our mission:

To provide innovative ways to solve one of the world's most neglected day to day problems: dirty laundry.  Loopie aspires to connect consumers with services, save time and clean clothes simultaneously. The beta launch for Loopie, LLC. is currently in progress in the greater Seattle area! 

Loopie laundry delivery service

Flat Rates for maximum chill-ness

We believe that paying per pound only makes things more complicated. We charge a flat rate of $29.99 per bag. 

We're here to do your laundry, so you can do anything you want. Download the Loopie app and get your laundry done easy. Or become a washer and earn money on your schedule. 

Give it a try and send us feedback at, or download the Loopie App! 

Worth your time

If you live in Seattle, you know there's such a thing as traffic, and over crowded Laundromats. Life is short and doing a single load of laundry can take as long as two hours (or longer!). Don't spend your limited free time doing laundry. Give us a call and we will pick up, wash, dry, fold and drop off your laundry so you can do the things you really want! 

(Unless what you really want to do is lots of laundry in which case you should send us an email to become a certified Loopie Washer and start earning money while working from home.)

BETA LAUNCH ZONES for LOOPIE Laundry Services in Seattle: 

~Laundry Delivery in Capitol Hill

~Laundry Delivery in Fremont 

~Laundry Delivery in Queen Anne 

~Laundry Delivery in Ballard 

~Laundry Delivery in the University District 

~Laundry Services in South Lake Union

~Laundry Delivery in Belltown

The following zipcodes are activated for orders for Loopie Beta: 

98101, 98102, 98103, 98104, 98105, 98106, 98107, 98108, 98109

98112, 98115,98116, 98117, 98118, 98119, 98121, 98122, 98125

98126, 98133, 98134, 98136,98144, 98146, 98154, 98164, 98174

98177, 98178, 98195, 98199

Join Loopie Beta

If you're interested in having us do your laundry OR if you're interested in signing up to become a Loopie contractor send us your email and we'll let you know when we're ready to get started! :)

Introducing Loopie

Introducing Loopie, the best reason to not do your laundry. Try the App or go to to get started. Let us do your laundry, so you can do what you love. 

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We're here to do your laundry, so you can do anything you want. Download the app 

 and get your laundry done. Or become a washer and earn money on your schedule.

Interested in driving for Loopie? Or making money at home as a Loopie washer? Want to learn more about our services?

Send us an email at

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