April 17, 2023

Loopie Launched Its First Community Crowd Equity Fundraising Round through Wefunder

Starting now you can be an investor in Loopie!

Over the last few years, launching a community round like this one has become more viable because of regulatory changes and the rise of crowdfunding platforms like Wefunder, making it easier for companies like Loopie to connect directly with potential retail investors. For a community oriented company like Loopie, that is focused on solving a universal pain point it is a natural pathway that many of our existing investors are supportive of as it can be both an opportunity for us to spread awareness of our brand and also drive even more support from existing customer and washer base in addition to any investment we are able to raise. 

We’re delighted that Paul Uhlir and our marketing partner, Add3, are leading our Wefunder community round. Paul has been a vocal advocate, investor (and one of our earliest customers in Seattle!) and his full service digital marketing agency, Add3 are some of the best when it comes to brand creation and marketing. They’ve successfully launched marketing campaigns for other billion dollar brands including having provided marketing services for Rover, another Peer-to-peer marketplace startup. Paul and his team at Add3 are joined by hundreds of other early investors and believers in Loopie including Clean Ventures, the biggest VC in the laundry space, Elevate Capital, GoodWater Capital, Hyphen Capital, 37 Angels, Band of Angels, multiple TiE Angel chapters, and Jason Calacanis and the Launch Syndicate

Regardless of whether you choose to invest in Loopie we’d appreciate your support in sharing our story with that one friend, co worker or family member who is always complaining about laundry. We also want to fully disclose and acknowledge that Loopie is still early in our growth trajectory. While we are excited about the traction we’ve seen so far and feel that we’ve built a solid foundation, it is important to remember that investments are risky—especially in early stage startups. If you do choose to invest please do so in a way that you are comfortable, if you do not have the money to spare, consider supporting us by either becoming a customer or a Loopie partner washer instead! 

To learn more and make an investment, head over to wefunder.com/loopie.

For those of you who share our belief and conviction that Loopie can continue to positively impact, and grow our base of customers and certified Loopie washers as we focus on diving deeper into our existing markets and opening new zipcodes across the country, we’d love to have you on the journey with us. For those of you who might already be a Loopie customer or partner washer, we would not be here without your support and would love for you to become an investor in the business. 

From the very beginning we’ve believed in the power of technology and community and are motivated knowing that every time a wash & fold order is placed on our platform Loopie is able to positively impact the people on both sides of our marketplace.