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Founder’s Story: John Lee of Loopie Laundry

July 6th, 2021

In 2018, John Lee was living in Seattle’s South Lake Union and doing the millennial hustle, balancing a job as a server in a Japanese restaurant and a busser in a Mexican restaurant. He lived in a studio apartment that lacked an in-unit… More

Best Tech Startups in Seattle, Ranked

June 17th, 2021

Technology is a means to reduce our workload, and while it’s arguable whether or not that’s been successful, it has definitely made it easier to outsource daily, mundane tasks. Loopie is a startup connecting gig workers with people who… More

How Doing Laundry Helped Me Survive 2020

December 16th, 2020

The calming cycle of wash, dry, fold, and sort has always been a sort of Zen thing for me. In these anxious times, I’m soothed by warm clothes coming out of the dryer in a clean, comforting jumble, ready to be smoothed into neat piles… More

Built in Seattle’s 50 Startups to Watch

January 21st, 2020

Seattle closed out the decade with a bang, with local startups raking in a collective $3.5 billion in venture capital last year. Hometown to Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle is a not-so-surprising choice location for tech companies looking for steady… More

John Lee | Loopie (uber for laundry)

May, 2020

John Lee is the Founder of Loopie. For John, his obsession has always been to create a dual-benefit venture. He loves the concept of a company that is able to benefit multiple parties, simultaneously. In 2018, he dreamed up the… More

Laundry Haters meet laundry doers through Loopie, a peer-to-peer service that’s cleaning up in Seattle

July 19, 2019

John Vincent Lee doesn’t like the term “entrepreneur.” The co-founder and CEO of Loopie, a peer-to-peer laundry service in Seattle, considers himself more of a “creative altruist.” And his year-old creation appears to be taking off… More